Terms of the purchase and use of ski passes

From this season, we somewhat change and optimize the rules for buying promotional tickets.
From now on, promotional tickets can be purchased exclusively on-line at the sole, official dealer of the resort http://shop.bukovel.info
When purchasing promotional subscriptions on-line, you will need to pass a short authorization procedure and attach your photo to each purchased subscription. The owner's photo must be made on a light background. 70-80% of the area of ​​the photo should occupy the owner's face, correspond to its modern appearance and be made without the use of retouching, or any other way of correction. In case the person wears glasses - additional requirements: the glass is dark and without glare, the frame should not cover any part of the eye. Photos for authorization can be downloaded both from a computer and done using a webcam on-line. The promotional subscription becomes active only after the process of its authorization and affixing the owner's identity. Change of the person of the holder of the promotional subscription is not possible.
We remind you that in the "Bukovel" TC operates rule 1 subscription - 1 person. Subscription is the property of one person, accordingly, it can only be used by him (she). If you discover the use of a promotional subscription by a person who is not his registered owner, the subscription will be blocked by the resort's security service. Subscriptions for close relatives, friends, family members are also prohibited. We emphasize that when purchasing subscriptions on questionable sites, at hand or at other unauthorized points of sale, the resort is not responsible for their suitability for use. Nevertheless, we emphasize that all promotional and unused active subscriptions that were purchased on our shares in previous years are valid until their full use without additional photo authorization.
The resort administration was forced to take such steps, because this season we recorded a lot of cases when our guests became victims of unscrupulous dealers and fraudsters.
When purchasing subscriptions from the hands or the Internet, people often sold used or fake passes. There were resale of season tickets at the resort, which is also prohibited. Often, fraudsters tried to get (renew) a ticket for skiing at the checkout office, presenting a fake fiscal check.
We are confident that due to the introduction of new rules for buying promotional subscriptions, such cases will be significantly less, which in turn will have positive effects for all guests of the resort.
Buy promotional tickets. Save money and not emotions.
The country "Bukovel" invites you.